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Abstract for Final Paper

Final Paper/Project: Thoreau and Quiroga
For my final paper and presentation, I am going to analyze the works from Henry David Thoreau and Quiroga. More specifically, I will be looking at Walden Pond and The Wilderness. I picked these works because they both deal with nature and the effects it can have on people. Although two completely different writers wrote these works at two different time periods and in two different places in the world, they still share some similar aspects about their views on nature and its simplicity. Even though they come from different backgrounds, the two authors share the same ideas about the dangers of nature and the unexpectedness of what can happen. In my final project, I will depict their views and prove that two completely different authors can share almost the exact same beliefs.
Henry David Thoreau is an extraordinary writer and I believe there is an uncanny amount of images and metaphors to be deciphered. Thoreau’s story of living on a pond in the middle of nature with only brief interruptions from society can truly teach us about living in simplicity. His images used in the story are intriguing. His perspectives on nature are seemingly straightforward but I believe if I thoroughly research his writing I can find more evidence of his true feelings. I would talk about his experiences in nature and how they can relate to the society in which he was living in. His feelings towards conformity would also be discussed.
I chose Quiroga’s story, The Wilderness because it is interesting to learn and read about the struggles a man living in the wilderness has to go through to live. I believe that by reading and deciphering this story I can understand more about what people like him had to go through and what kind of hardships were involved to simply survive. By researching and thoroughly reading this story, I can talk about how Quiroga felt remorseful for the family living in this time and his simple message about security and safety.

Thoreau, Henry David. Walden and Other Writings. New York: Bantam Books, 1962.

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