Posted by: szolnickfsem | 23rd Apr, 2008

Luis Rodríguez: Trouble in the Barrio

Through his poetry, Luis Rodriquez represents the non-human almost human. He basically describes how they are hard to differentiate between because the river he loves is concrete and he is constantly running, like a river. The two are hard t distinguish between making him one with nature instead of them being two separate topics. This view is different from other views we have learned about because usually the other authors have examples of distinct differences between nature and humans. His representation of the concrete river in “always running” shows me that he is confident that this river will always be there for him, which is comforting and a place to think and heal. I believe his sense of place is where he worked, lived, had a family, and where his friends died. Basically, his sense of place is LA.

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