Posted by: szolnickfsem | 22nd Apr, 2008

Moraga and Ecofeminism

Through reading Cherrie Moraga’s work, I learned that she believes that “the earth is female.” To her, the non human world is exploited, just like women. Her entire work is dedicated to women around the world and how they are suppressed in a male dominant society. She describes environmental justice throughout her writing, for example contamination in water, toxic dumping, and radiation. Her connection between gender and environmental studies is prevalent when she describes the earth as a women and each example she uses can he personified into the troubles a woman may go through in society. To me, this argument is somewhat convincing. I feel as though I am not as feminist as Moraga is, so her views are slightly radical to me. However, I understand where she is coming from and I agree with her that women are somewhat suppressed today.

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