Posted by: szolnickfsem | 8th Apr, 2008

My Sense of Place

When trying to decide where to write about, I struggled to find the perfect “sense of place.” I brainstormed about places I have been throughout my life, and fortunately I am lucky enough to have a variety of places to choose from. Finally, I chose the place I live, Landenberg, PA. I chose my hometown because this is where I lived through Middle School and High School; therefore, it holds a lot of memories of my growing up. This place, and specific house and yard, is truly special to meĀ  recently because I am moving 2,000 miles away across the country. In the fall, Landenberg will no longer be my home but a memory. I met all my friends in this town and the surrounding ones. Everyone I know and love lives around me in PA. My house in Landenberg is cherished because it holds all of my memories, happy or sad. I remember playing in the yard with my puppy and watching movies in my basement. This house will forever hold a place in my heart simply because it is where my most precious memories of growing up were created. No place will ever be the same to me, therefore, my house in Landenberg, PA has a special value to me and i consider it my most prevalent “sense of place.”

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