Posted by: szolnickfsem | 17th Mar, 2008

Martin Espada

The main themes of this poetry seem to be based around politics. He describes various classes and industrialism. The poet represents the inner-city in a very sympathetic way. he describes their alcoholism and their imperfections, “This time, I dragged a corkscrewed body slowly down the stairs, hugged to my ribs, his books in my other hand, only to see the impatient taxi pulling away.” He makes the whole scene sound desperate and defeated. The landlords and bosses in the stories are not talked about much but their characteristics shine through in the poems about the inner-city dwellers. They give orders and live their own lives without a concern about the poor people around them. They take advantage and do not help at all. The poetic voice describes the various professions in the nicest and calmest way possible but when deciphering the words, we can feel the pain in which the people lived.

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