Posted by: szolnickfsem | 10th Mar, 2008

Selected Poems

These poems were al very interesting. I liked how they varied in length and tone. The general themes seemed to be related around death and prosperity and the world. A lot of the poems mentioned death, “the deep Earth is the sum of all the dead.” Along with death, the writers seemed to focus on the ocean and whether or not it carried death or life. A lot of the poems also mentioned that the world needs a change or to focus on more important aspects. One poem that stood out to me was on page 63, titles “A Self-Analysis.” although it was short, this poem made me think a lot about which sin this person may have committed. The author seems to be contemplating what they did wrong. They seem confused. It was very interesting to think so deeply about such a short poem. Another poem that stood out was entitled “Footnote to Jorge Manrique.” This poem is simply one sentence that also creates a lot of imagination and thinking. “The sea is not a state of death but rather the endless circulating of all transformations.” The author seems to agree with the idea that the sea creates, not destroys. Finally, the poem called “Earth” caught my attention because of the somber tone in which it is written. The writer discusses how “we step on bones, dried blood, wounds, invisible wounds.” I think he was trying to convey an idea that although things may seem fine on the Earth’s surface at one point in time, people died all over the world and we take it for granted by walking all over it and not even noticing or recognizing their incredibly efforts.

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